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Nicole and Bryan

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Our Story

Nicole and Bryan met four years ago and instantly clicked. They talked for several weeks before meeting in person because Nicole was traveling a lot for work. Their first date was on Halloween at Carlos & Carlos. A restaurant in downtown Arlington Heights that has become one of their favorite restaurants to celebrate any occasion.

On their first date Bryan talked away and always kept the conversation going. They laughed, talked, and stared at each other the whole night. They talked so much that they ordered dinner right before the restaurant closed.

Bryan finally told Nicole a few years later that it was on their first date that he knew he was going to marry her. That must have been why after their first date Bryan asked Nicole out on four more dates that same week before she had to travel again for work.

After living more than thirty minutes apart for two years they decided to move in together and buy a house in Mount Prospect. They share Nicole’s dog Bella, who at one point didn’t like Bryan. Bella was very jealous when Nicole started bringing Bryan around and three months later they have been best friends.

Bryan proposed at Carlo & Carlos in front of Nicole’s family on March 16th. Nicole thought it was a regular family dinner to celebrate her birthday. Little did she know that everyone was watching as they walked up to the restaurant and Bryan proposed.